The fee for acupuncture is the same for all clinics and includes body, ear and hand acupuncture; cupping; moxibustion; massage and TDP lamp therapy as appropriate:

Initial Consultation & Treatment.............55
Follow-up Consultation & Treatment.......45

If herbs are prescribed, there will be an additional cost which will vary depending on whether they are dispensed as powders, tablets or capsules. A bespoke herbal prescription dispensed as powder will cost 20 for 1-2 weeks supply

See below for the full range of treatments and fees:

Treatment Options

What does this include?




Any questions you have about your   condition and how acupuncture or  herbal medicine may help you


Initial Consultation
and Acupuncture

In-depth case-history; diagnosis;
treatment plan including lifestyle
and dietary advice; acupuncture treatment

90 min


Follow-up Consultation
and Acupuncture

Review of progress; diagnosis
and treatment plan; acupuncture treatment

60 min

Herbal medicine can be combined with acupuncture for just the cost of the herbs


Initial Consultation

In-depth case-history, diagnosis,
treatment plan including lifestyle
and dietary advice

45 min


Follow-up Consultation

Review of progress, diagnosis
and treatment plan

30 min


Repeat Prescription
Phone Consultation

Review of progress (for patients in consolidating phase of treatment)

10 min


* The Cost of Herbs are Additional

Bespoke prescription dispensed
as tablets
; delivery to your home
or work address

1-2 wks supply

Acupuncture can be combined with herbal medicine for just 15


One to one instruction in qigong
exercises to calm the mind, correct
postural misalignment, strengthen
internal organs and rehabilitate the
muscles, ligaments and joints of the
body. Includes active and quiescent
exercises, self-massage and
breathing techniques

60 min



General health review; diagnosis;   advice on treatment or lifestyle and dietary changes if appropriate

15 min

Private Healthcare Insurance

Many private health care schemes allow you to claim for acupuncture treatment given by a British Acupuncture Council member. Some of these policies do not require a referral from a GP or consultant while others do. Here are some examples of private insurance companies that include acupuncture cover:

AVIVA [GP referral]
BHSF [Self-referral]
Clinicare [Self-referral]
CS Healthcare [GP & Consultant referral]
Healthshield [Self-referral]
HSF Health Plan [Self-referral]
Pinnacle Insurance PLC [Self-referral]
PruHealth [GP referral]
Simplyhealth Group Limited [Self-referral]
Sovereign Healthcare [Self-referral]
Standard Life Health Care [GP referral]
Westfield Health [Self-referral]
WHA Healthcare [Self-referral]

Please check directly with your insurance provider to confirm up-to-date policy details.

Home Visits

Treatments at your own home can be arranged but are subject to a surcharge of 30 and must be within a 10 mile radius of the clinic.

Missed Appointments

Please give at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel an appointment, otherwise the full fee will be charged